By now, most people are aware that the internet is an important tool to utilize when it comes to having a successful business. Businesses not taking advantage of what the net has to offer are truly falling behind. With the growth of the internet, it can be expected that most people are not current when everything that can be done to take advantage of the net. This is where Revamp Web can help. We offer a service that will bring light to your situation on the internet. You may already have a site but don’t know of the many ways to make sure people are seeing your site. You may have a site, but it may be difficult for your visitors to navigate your site easily. You may not have a site at all and are looking for ways to get your brand out there. We will sit down with you and come up with ways your business can get ahead on the internet.

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Website Design

Today, it is essential for all businesses to have something out on the web that claims their name and tells people what they are bringing to the table. We offer a service that caters to the needs of all small and medium sized businesses. We create custom as well as WordPress websites which enables us to create something that suites any companies needs. We work fast and we don’t stop until the client has a smile on their face.

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Search Engine Optimization

It is widely known that to be successful on the web, you must have a presence on search engines. There are literally hundreds of ways to improve your results on the net, but most people don’t know what they are. A common misconception among people is that once you are on Google or Yahoo that your search engine optimization is complete. Most websites are on these search engines within a few days, but their relevancy to keywords are VERY low and they do not appear high on searches. There is more to be done and we can help.

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I have a small business and have been open for one year now. I had a tough time getting customers in the door for the first 9 months. Being in the Used Car Sales Industry is very competitive, especially in the past 10 years with the advancement of the internet which has pitted dealers against each other in the online shopping place. I finally decided to try a Search Engine Optimization service and the results have been great. Since using the system I have seen more traffic than I anticipated and more importantly, the traffic has been consistent. I have been told that the results we are seeing now are only the beginning. I never realized how important SEO was until I started using it. — Craig Smith,

When the time comes for a remodel or upgrade on my website there is no question that Revampweb is #1 on my list. It was a pleasure working with Steve on this project. He answered my many questions, was always available, and he always found a way to make my vision a reality. I highly recommend Revampweb to everyone that needs a website created or modified. You guys Rock!!! — VICTOR MAGAN - CEO OF NETWORK BRAINIACS, HTTP://WWW.NETWORKBRAINIACS.COM

I have worked with Revamp Web on numerous projects. I am an entrepreneur that relies on the web to market myself in a professional manner. Revamp Web consistently provides excellent service that has helped me build my brand. — CHARLIE NEFF, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER & RED CARPET CORRESPONDENT, HTTP:///WWW.POPINIONZ.COM

Revamp Web did an awesome job! Being this was our first website, we didn't know what to expect, but Steve walked us through every step of the way. I would recommend Revamp Web to anyone interested in starting or updating a website! — FRANK KLOPP IV, OPERATIONS MANAGER, F.M. MINERALS AND PIGMENTS, INC. GARDENA, CA