About Revamp Web

      Revamp Web Management is a company that brings something new to the table for small and medium sized businesses. We are much more than your typical internet company because we are aiming on informing our clients as well as completing projects with the upmost professionalism.

      We are based in California around the San Gabriel Valley. The idea for a company like this came up early in 2011 when Steve Fata, the owner of Revamp Web, noticed the outreach for internet assistance as well as the lack of actual knowledge by his clients. Simply, people knew they needed his help, but did not know exactly what they needed. The idea to start a company that would focus on teaching the general public about the resources of the internet while offering different web services is what formed Revamp Web into what it is today.

      We are going to offer a true learning experience. The good thing about the people who work at Revamp Web is that they love talking internet. If you have one question we may give you enough information to ask 5 more, and we will be happy to answer those as well. Remember you are trying to get ahead of the competition and this is the first step. Learning what you can do well get you light years ahead of those who throw a few hundred bucks a month at a SEO companies who give the run around to their clients. We prepare you to deal with those companies so that you will have a heads up and the knowledge to be able to point out those companies who are trying to get over on you.

      We are hoping by providing our services, that people will grasp the basics and want more. There is always something else to learn on the internet and we want our clients to strive to learn it all. It is not impossible and it is really to your benefit to learn as much as you can.

What kind of services does Revamp Web offer?

      These services offer a wide range of options for our clients. We like to focus on the consulting side of things, but consulting leads to action and we are more than capable to handle these actions for you.


I have a small business and have been open for one year now. I had a tough time getting customers in the door for the first 9 months. Being in the Used Car Sales Industry is very competitive, especially in the past 10 years with the advancement of the internet which has pitted dealers against each other in the online shopping place. I finally decided to try a Search Engine Optimization service and the results have been great. Since using the system I have seen more traffic than I anticipated and more importantly, the traffic has been consistent. I have been told that the results we are seeing now are only the beginning. I never realized how important SEO was until I started using it. — Craig Smith, http://www.sincityauto.com

When the time comes for a remodel or upgrade on my website there is no question that Revampweb is #1 on my list. It was a pleasure working with Steve on this project. He answered my many questions, was always available, and he always found a way to make my vision a reality. I highly recommend Revampweb to everyone that needs a website created or modified. You guys Rock!!! — VICTOR MAGAN - CEO OF NETWORK BRAINIACS, HTTP://WWW.NETWORKBRAINIACS.COM

I have worked with Revamp Web on numerous projects. I am an entrepreneur that relies on the web to market myself in a professional manner. Revamp Web consistently provides excellent service that has helped me build my brand. — CHARLIE NEFF, ENTERTAINMENT REPORTER & RED CARPET CORRESPONDENT, HTTP:///WWW.POPINIONZ.COM

Revamp Web did an awesome job! Being this was our first website, we didn't know what to expect, but Steve walked us through every step of the way. I would recommend Revamp Web to anyone interested in starting or updating a website! — FRANK KLOPP IV, OPERATIONS MANAGER, F.M. MINERALS AND PIGMENTS, INC. GARDENA, CA